Election 44: Where the Parties Stand on Reshoring and Supply Chain Modernization

Reshoring Canada co-chair the Hon. Tony Clement applauded commitments made by the Conservatives, the Liberals and the New Democrats to address supply chain issues in their respective election platforms.

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Reshoring Canada Launches Supply Chain Survey of Industry Partners

Reshoring Canada has launched its first country-wide survey to identify supply chain challenges faced by industry partners in several sectors of the Canadian economy.

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Mining Execs Warn Ottawa on Force of China’s Mining Sector

Tony Clement talks with a panel of battery materials experts about the future of resource development and how China is affecting Canadian manufacturers.

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Reshoring Canada Welcomes Former Industry Minister Christian Paradis as Advisory Board Co-Chair

The Honourable Christian Paradis served as Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Natural Resources, Industry and International Development and La Francophonie.

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Reshoring Canada group to advocate for less supply-chain reliance on risky countries

Former Ontario economic development minister Sandra Pupatello and former federal industry minister Tony Clement are launching a new advocacy group…

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Latest Reshoring News

Canadian supply delays come as a warning that future interruptions could be worse

Economic and security concerns prompt calls for increased Canadian supply chain resilience

Fenestration Canada Keynote Session with Tony Clement of Reshoring Canada

Reshoring Canada: Taking back our supply chain security

Reshoring more production to Canada is one way to solve supply chain problems.

Investigating the Complexities of the Canadian & Global Health Systems

The Honourable Tony Clement, Co-chair at Reshoring Canada and former Minister of Health, discusses digital transformation, the importance of onshore manufacturing and supply chain operations in Canada

Mining experts talk urgency of needed investment for battery metals, importance of furthering green mining

In the third panel of Electric Autonomy Canada’s national EV battery supply chain series, the country’s top mining experts brainstorm Canada’s critical two year plan

Canada's steel industry has a secret weapon that could soon beat China's cheaper bids

Canadian steel has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world, a standard that may soon carry more weight than price

Federal government invests $200 million to build an mRNA vaccine plant in Ontario

Expansion of Mississauga, Ont., site will allow Resilience Biotechnologies to produce millions of shots

Car companies face a chip problem. Soon China will hand them a cobalt problem that might trigger radical ownership moves

U.S. President Joe Biden found out the hard way that supply chain obstacles are bad news for Corporate America.

Pupatello co-founder of new Reshoring Canada organization

Fragile global supply chains have been one of the most important issues exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and group of former Canadian parliamentarians…

Industrial policy is having a moment. Will the Liberals seize it?

Heading into the federal budget next week, a long-neglected term is back in fashion: industrial policy.

Chip shortage forces more production cuts by GM, Ford

The global shortage of semiconductors has forced General Motors and Ford to further cut production at their North American factories as chip supplies seem to be growing tighter.

Mining executives warn Ottawa about dependence on China for strategic minerals amid deteriorating relations

It's estimated that China will control 67 per cent of global capacity to build lithium-ion batteries by 2030

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