Mining Execs Warn Ottawa on Force of China’s Mining Sector

Tony Clement talks with a panel of battery materials experts about the future of resource development and how China is affecting Canadian manufacturers.

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Reshoring Canada group to advocate for less supply-chain reliance on risky countries

Former Ontario economic development minister Sandra Pupatello and former federal industry minister Tony Clement are launching a new advocacy group…

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Reshoring: Building the Global Supply Chain of Tomorrow

A conversation with The Hon. Tony Clement, former Congressman John Faso (R-NY) and Reshoring Initiative President Harry Moser, USA

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Latest Reshoring News

Car companies face a chip problem. Soon China will hand them a cobalt problem that might trigger radical ownership moves

U.S. President Joe Biden found out the hard way that supply chain obstacles are bad news for Corporate America.

Industrial policy is having a moment. Will the Liberals seize it?

Heading into the federal budget next week, a long-neglected term is back in fashion: industrial policy.

Pupatello co-founder of new Reshoring Canada organization

Fragile global supply chains have been one of the most important issues exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and group of former Canadian parliamentarians…

Chip shortage forces more production cuts by GM, Ford

The global shortage of semiconductors has forced General Motors and Ford to further cut production at their North American factories as chip supplies seem to be growing tighter.

Mining executives warn Ottawa about dependence on China for strategic minerals amid deteriorating relations

It's estimated that China will control 67 per cent of global capacity to build lithium-ion batteries by 2030

Federal government to spend $415M on influenza vaccine plant in Toronto

The facility will cover the entire end to end chain of vaccine production, including manufacturing and packaging of vaccines

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